Saturday, March 10, 2007

Recording Devices and Rock 'n' Roll

Man, Lost could really do with a slightly quicker plot. It’s getting to the point that I barely care what’s going on. They even through in a gratuitous explosion in the last episode and, meh. We only just now got around to watching it. We hardly ever watch tv on the night that it comes on. Not only is it not always our “veg” time when our shows come on, but watching commercials is the suck. Of course I’m such a spaz that I’m pretty bad at remembering to hit the record button. Hopefully this week I’m going to upgrade our cable box to the DVR. Maybe with some added computer help I’ll get to watch House on the Tuesdays on full moons with a low tide that it actually comes on.

I wonder if the box will work correctly for the next few weeks? I have a vague concern that the DVR will see what time shows are supposed to be on and screw up, but in theory it should sync up with the guide, and since they’re both from the same company they should match each other. I mean, I honestly don’t care what time my tv/cable/whatever thinks it is as long as it tapes the shows that I want to watch. Oooo… I can start taping the knitting shows with this! They only come on during the day, because of course no one that knits has a day job. Only old women and stay at home moms knit. *grrr*

Anyways, The Unbearables are going to be at The Victory Grill tonight, and I’ll be there. It’s the 1st birthday party for Stem and Leaf Records. Lots of cool bands, and it’s free. There’s also a show at The Long Branch Inn with more cool bands. The idea is that the bands will be staggered every 30 minutes so that you can wander back and forth and catch them all. Sounds like a party to me!

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