Sunday, March 18, 2007

Knitting and Movies all in One Day

I started my day with a knitting class at Hill Country Weavers today. The class was to learn how to make this Entrelac Mini Market Tote, pictured to the left. This promo picutre is of a tote made by Charlette. I suppose that I was one of the most experienced knitters in the class, and definitely the most talkative of the experienced ones. I wound up with people coming to ask me questions if the instructor (Deb) was busy. Like most things in knitting, it really isn't as hard as it looks.
This is my tote that I started knitting today. It's made from Noro Kureyon, colorway 92. I chose to utilize the color changes Noro had to offer, rather than pick individual colors like you see in the promotional photo. I've finished tier 2 out of 12 so far. We meet for the second half of the class on April 1st. I have a horrible desire to play a prank on our teacher. I'm not sure what I would do, but I'm not sure I have time to knit a disaster and knit my actual project in just two weeks. But it would be kind of funny. I bet if I didn't have Stella's birthday party, movie night, and Jeff's birthday coming up in between I would have time to devise something suitably scary to show her.
On the other hand I started and finished a little shawl yesterday. The yarn company Be Sweet did a trunk show at HCW, and I stopped by to take a gander. They have these skeins called magic balls that are all sorts of different yarn and even some ribbon tied together so that you get these stripes of different textures and colors without having to buy 12 different yarns. It was knit on size US 35 needles, and really didn't take long at all.

We also saw Pan's Labyrinth today, and it was wonderful and tragic. If you haven't seen it you should. Just go into knowing that not all fairy tales work out the way you wish, and that it is f'ing brutal in both the story line and the gore. This isn't by Disney, and it is not for children. I think I want to see it again, but I'll probably wait until it's on DVD so that I can see some director commentary or whatnot. It is an excellent film, and deserved even more awards than it won.

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The Holmes said...

Me and the Ash saw "Pan's Labyrinth" this weekend too. I'd seen it, she hadn't. By far one of my recent favorites.