Tuesday, March 27, 2007

House of Pain

I don’t know that it’s necessarily a source of pride, but I can pretty much do my job in my sleep. If I can keep my eyes open and my fingers tapping away at the keyboard then all is well. I’m not boasting that I’m that good mind you, it’s just that my job is that easy. I have no idea why we can’t seem to hire anyone else that can do it, but it is not a hard job at all. I usually feel like I’m babysitting people that can barely tie their shoes, so I’m not surprised when they can’t figure out a computer.

It turns out that although I am able to work while hyped up on caffeine, or falling asleep at the console, I cannot work through dental pain. I had some fillings done yesterday morning and around noon I thought that I was going to be fine. The numbness was wearing off, but I wasn’t hurting. By 1 pm I was a whining crybaby that just wanted to go home. It felt like I hurt in 3 fifths of my head. The lower left half of my jaw was fine, and part of my upper left head was okay, but mid-eye over all through to the right side just freaking hurt.

I tried to work for a while. I had things that were somewhat urgent that I felt I should take care before I bailed, and I did what I had to. I made so many errors doing ordinary transactions that I’ve done billions of times before. By the time I drove home I wasn’t really able to hold a conversation because I would lose track of what I was talking about. I probably shouldn’t have driven, but I had to get home somehow and I had the car. I got home and eventually managed to take some ibuprofen and over the course of a few hours the pain subsided.

It was so strange. I’ve been in worse pain before. That pain was nothing compared to the aftermath of my root canals or having my wisdom teeth removed. I just couldn’t function through it. It’s like the nerves were shooting signals right through some vital part of my brain, and disrupting everything I tried to do. I am completely better today, and just in awe of how one fixed tooth brought me to my knees yesterday.

P.S. - There is supposed to be a new episode of House on today at 8 central.


Julie said...

Oh, dude, you shouldn't drive like that! I could have brought Jeff up there and he could have driven you and your car home. I mean, I know it's hard to ask people to do that sort of thing, but I totally would have, I understand dental pain. You should have asked for the pain killers. I always ask for the pain killers when I get major dental work done Hope you're all better today.

Tara said...

I'll make sure that I keep you in mind if that happens again. The next appointment that I have will be an afternoon thing, so I'll be able to get home before anything has a chance to hurt.

The Holmes said...

Sounds like the House of Pain is in effect...sorry. Ouch man, that doesn't sound like fun. Here's hoping you get better soon!