Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Carpooling Sucks

There are a lot of good reasons to carpool, and a lot of benefits. I mean you get company for the ride home (although not on the way to work, because Jeff falls asleep most days) and you don't have to drive in the evening traffic. Still, I just want to scream at him and tell that he needs to fix his POS car so that he can drive around by himself on days like today. Ten minutes before I am due to leave the building, and when I call him because he was supposed to call me back about 45 minutes ago, he is getting ready to leave his clients house. Yeah well, I'm not impressed. I don't even have anything to do to keep myself entertained once I leave the building. I have no book, no laptop, and my knitting is in the freaking car that I don't have. I can't go to lunch if I'm hungry, and I can't leave early if I feel like it. *grrr*

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