Friday, March 30, 2007


You know what’s even cooler than having your manager ask you every day about one of the seven jobs he’s assigned you? Finishing one task, and going to start another one only to find a hand written note from said manager, “These need to move. When? – Ira” I saw that and wanted to write back, “When you figure out how to take care of it yourself, cause I quit, you stupid dickhole.” I restrained myself. I wrote back, “I’m working on it.” and then bitched to my supervisor. I explained that maybe if I didn’t have 1 critical task taking up all my time, almost every day, that perhaps this other thing would have been done faster. Poor guy, he’s not used to my crazed bitching yet. Still, he’s gonna have to get broken in sometime, so I guess today is as good a time as any. He seems to be recovering okay. He even came back to my office after that, so I didn’t totally scare him off. I think my supervisor even sympathized with me a little bit.

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