Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I Work Too Hard

Not much going on here. I finished up all of the purges to remove bad/suspect material from the production floor, and now I’m waiting for it to be 5pm. I’m ready to go home and have a beer. Maybe we’ll get lucky again today and not have much traffic going home. It was awesome yesterday, we didn’t slow down really until Enfield; it was a little rough on the bridge, but that’s like a mile or two, so it’s not a big deal.

I do need to stop by the store on the way home. I’m almost out of my little Crystal Light packets. I finally started bringing them to work so that I can just refill a 20oz water bottle from the water fountain, but have it taste yummy instead of kind of icky. The water that comes out of the fountain is nice and cold, so it’s really convenient. I want to try some of the green tea flavors that I think they have. I also need to get some more “pink” flavors, maybe more of the Cherry Pomegranate that Jeff got, cause that was yummy.

I just got through looking at Greg’s honeymoon pictures from St Lucia. Wow, that is a beautiful island. I wish that I could go there some time. Everything was just amazing looking, and he has a lot of stories to tell just from the 5 days they were there. Not to mention there is apparently some outstanding beer. Well it’s just about that time. I need to wrap up a few things and then I’m out of here.

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