Sunday, March 25, 2007

Stella's New Purse and Tote Progress

So I made this really cute purse for Stella for her 1st birthday gift. It's all girly. It's pink with an accent yarn that's got some sparkle to it. I held both together for the top border, and then the main body is just the light pink with the two held together again to make a heart on both sides. I decided to do a garter stitch strap for some sturdiness, and I am really happy with how it came out. There's only one problem... I flaming forgot to take a picture. Ah well, there are some steps that I forgot to write down as well, so I'll probably make another one for my niece, and I'll get pics then.

Figuring out what you can knit for kids in the summer is a bit of a pain. I had almost given up and decided that Stella was going to get a store bought gift, when I decided to make the purse. Still it was fun to make up my own pattern. It's a free license to do things my own way without trying to figure out how to make it fit into the pre-written pattern.

In other news I've made progress on my Entrelac Mini-Market tote. I've completed tier 5 out of 12. After two more tiers the squares will start getting smaller and things should really speed up. We'll see what it looks like before my final class on April 1st. This is such a fun pattern to knit on. Every time you finish the end of a tier you get to flip around and knit a new direction, so it's not just round and round. And each "round" is a billion rows tall, so it feels faster than other projects I've done, even though it really hasn't been.

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