Monday, January 25, 2010

Stopping By

Hi blog, how are you doing?

Me? I'm not too bad. I mean, I'm exhausted because I haven't been sleeping for a few days now, and I think I might have a cold, and you know there's a baby in this house and I think he's teething again ... or maybe I'm teething, cause we're not really getting along right now and I'm not sure whose fault it is. Other than that I guess things are okay.

Well, it was nice catching up with you. I think I'm gonna go take my medicine and lay on the couch for a bit. See you around.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Think I Forgot How to Blog

On December 30th Max went in for his 6 month check up and shots. He passed with flying colors. He was 27 1/4 inches long and 16 lbs 5 oz. That's the same day that we noticed his second tooth coming in, the first one started on the 16th. He's been a bit of a butt off and on since then, though I think we're getting past the teething pain and hopefully he'll be his old smiley self again soon. At least we finally got him back to sleeping through the night. *knock on wood* In fact he slept through a horde of people screaming in my living room last night, so that was nice.

Dr Who was a blast. I'm not sure what I think of the this new fangled young doctor they've cast, but I really don't get a vote do I? I'm sure that by the time we've seen a few of the new episodes I'll have come around. I just don't like change. You know how set in our ways us old farts get.

I was knitting socks for gifts up through the day before Christmas, or was it Christmas day itself? I forget, but it doesn't much matter. Since then I haven't made the time for knitting. Still, I did cobble together a pair of socks for my dad that I'm quite proud of. ... Only I can't show them to you because I didn't manage to take a single picture. *sigh* Dad and step-mom both liked their socks, and were appreciative as always. I think my sisters would rather have had a purse, and I think that's what they'll get next year.

In other news I've been playing Super Paper Mario on the Wii. I'm having a blast with the game. For the most part it is not too difficult, and I'm enjoying the art style and the storyline. With a game like Paper Mario I'm not looking for a challenge, I'm looking for fun. While I do occasionally find myself a bit stumped or beating a boss in a way that seems harder than it needs to be, for the most part I just get to grab a few minutes of easy entertainment while Max is playing by himself or napping. I keep thinking about knitting that I want to do though, so hopefully there will be more of that to show you before too long. As soon as I finish playing Mario.

Since there has to be some sort of photo I give you Max and Jeff. As is usual, I have no pictures of myself with Max, but we do have some video to prove that I didn't just skip out on his first Christmas.They're saying that we're in for some "Artic Air" and I believe if it weren't horribly un-PC that they'd in fact say that it is going to be colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra. I gather that means it will be far colder than we are used to around here. So don't go out unless you have to, and stay warm no matter what. I recommend a nice mug of hot cocoa and I heartily endorse an excess of marshmallows.