Thursday, December 4, 2008


I am really looking forward to seeing Coraline. It was a fun book to read, but the art I've seen so far in the snippets is beyond what I had in my imagination. It's so beautiful, and spooky, and cool, and just awesome. If you can't wait until February of 2009 then check out the website, and use these codes to get a peek.
stopmotion : the Biggest Smallest movie ever made. (this is so pretty)
buttoneyes : Meet the cast...
moustachio : Bo Henry, art director of Coraline, shows off his remarkable moustache tricks. (beware men may find themselves needing to grow a large mustache)
armpithair : Every hair in the film was placed there by hand... (boggle!)
puppetlove : Director Henry Selick explains what it must be like for the puppets in the film. (this one was a bit weird)
sweaterxxs : Micro-knitting. (even non-knitters will be a amazed)
After that you need to go check out the Knitty blog. There are said to be 50 boxes sent all over the net containing various movie memorabilia, and Amy did a great job photographing hers to share. Not all of them have been sent to knitters and I found a great post here with links to other boxes that have appeared online.

It's times like this when I wish I were famous, at least internet famous, even if no one locally knew who I was. As much as I appreciate all these folks sharing their presents virtually with the world, I wish I could touch them. I'm sure there will be some cute merch released with the movie and I will just have to support the economy when the time comes and get something of my own.

We Can Has Bucket

We came home last night to find our new recycling bin waiting for us, as well as the gigantic list of what we can now put in the bin. I have my pickup schedule up on the fridge and I only wish I had more empty containers to put in it. Our first pickup is next Monday, and it's going to be woefully not full.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sometimes Life is Not Fair

I just found two pairs of Converse that I adore. I would love to be concerned with which pair to put on my Amazon wishlist* but it doesn't matter. Neither of these shoes comes in my size. I mean, it's not even close, not even 4 pairs of socks close. The smallest size that they come in is the equivalent of a US women's 10 1/2. In case you ever want to gift me shoes I wear a US women's 7 1/2. There's no way I can handle a shoe 3 sizes to big. The pair of Converse that I own in a size 8 (whole sized only on that one) are still so big that I barely wear them, lest I trip over my own feet.

Still I shall share my finds with you, in case you are gifted with larger feetsies than myself.

These are both from the Project Red collection. The Converse site says 10% of the net wholesale price of these CONVERSE (PRODUCT) RED™ shoes will be paid to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Geneva, Switzerland). Pretty nifty to get cool new shoes and donate to a good cause I think.

Without further ado I present to you:

1 Hund(red) #30 Jeremyville
and 1 Hund(red) artist #34 Ana Ventura
Don't feel too bad for me though, I did add a lot of Mary Jane style shoes to my list. So I am not completely devoid of the possibility of new shoes.

*You should check out the new ability to add anything from the net to Amazon lists, it's cool. I've been able to finally add many of the other items I've coveted for years, but have never splurged to buy myself.