Thursday, December 4, 2008

We Can Has Bucket

We came home last night to find our new recycling bin waiting for us, as well as the gigantic list of what we can now put in the bin. I have my pickup schedule up on the fridge and I only wish I had more empty containers to put in it. Our first pickup is next Monday, and it's going to be woefully not full.


Anonymous said...

We have a lot of cardboard you can have. We won't charge you for it or nothin'!

Julie said...

Glad you guys got yours too! Where'd you get the schedule? Tim was just remarking last night how the hell we were going to remember which week was recycling week!

Tara said...

Wedged inbetween the lid and the cart was a very large sheet of heavy stock paper. It had the descriptions of what could and could not be recycled, and the bottom half was a calender with pick up weeks highlighted yellow. There was even a strip of magnet attached to it, very handy... if your fridge is magnetable anyhoo.

It's possible that yours came loose or something. There might be something similiar on but I don't remember my login so I can't check.