Sunday, January 28, 2007

Haircut Infidelity

[All hairstylists names withheld to protect me.]

I have been having issues with my regular hair dresser lately. She’s done nothing wrong, I just can’t get a damn appointment. I’ve been trying to set something up since before Christmas. Everytime I call either she’s busy (driving or whatever) and needs to call me back, or she doesn’t answer her work or cell phone so I leave her a message to call me back. I have not been getting these calls back for whatever reason. I finally gave up this week and got my friend Julie to hook me up with the woman that she’s been using for even more years than I’ve used mine. I’ll probably go back to my usual person next time...maybe. I just needed a haircut, and that meant I needed to get someone on the phone and get a damn appointment.

Julie's woman did everything that I asked with my hair. I told her that I wanted a trim and that I needed some texture added in. She executed both of these things perfectly. Of course she went on to “do stuff” to my hair and show me how I could make it all snazzy myself. This never works. I’m either to lazy to do more than brush my hair, or it just doesn’t work the way it does for them. But that’s not really the point here. I failed to mention one aspect of the haircut, and she made it look great, but it’s driving me batshit crazy! My bangs are long enough to get in my eyes, but too short to tuck behind my ear. I spent all yesterday afternoon pushing my hair out of my eyes and cursing. It didn’t present itself as a problem until after we left the mall, and honestly didn’t really start getting on my nerves until I had spent over an hour with it falling into my eyes. The one consolation is that they are really long, and in a week or two I should be able to tuck them.

Still, I want to thank Julie; my hair looks good.

I’m also in love with the receptionists at this place. I had a 1 o’clock appointment, and because of traffic I had to call them and cancel. I wouldn’t have made it before 1:30. Since this particular person didn’t have any slots left today I resigned myself to not getting a haircut. Around 2 they called me (even though I hadn’t asked them to) and told me that the 3 o’clock had cancelled and would I like to come in at that time. !?!?! They called me? Yeah, that’s a pretty strong plus in my book right now. But I can't really leave my lady, can I? I mean this was just a short affair, it didn't mean anything to me. She wasn't giving me what I needed, but I still love her you know? What would you do?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Two Truths = One Rumor

It's pretty funny how smooshed up stories can get in a large gossipy environment. Here at The Company rumors spread faster than a brush fire. Today was a premier example of the game of telephone. I came into work at 9 am, checked my email, and then went in search of the fabled clean smock. Luck was on my side and Jason had saved me a smock, because my dingy sleeves were starting to scare him. This was when I heard the first part of the story. Jason heard that an older woman had been run over by a car in our parking lot. He was horrified about what sort of person would mow down some old lady. We discussed possible ways the accident went down, anime, cleanliness, and a few other things before I went on my way and started to actually get some work done.

Around 11:30 am I went to go dump my old smock and say hi to Beth. Beth was super busy because it's the end of Cisco's quarter and here at The Company she deals with them quite a bit. Since she was too busy to talk to me I took off and went in search of Danny, because he's always up for a chat, and I wasn't ready to go back to my office yet. When I found where they had moved Danny's office to he wasn't there, but I did overhear Melissa telling Sharon that the woman that had been hit by a car this morning was dead. The only details that Melissa had heard was that CSI had been here, and that there was even a chalk outline on the ground where the woman died, but she had no idea who the victim was. Sharon's remark was along the lines of, "Who would be in that big of a hurry to get to work?"

When I got back to my office around noon I ran into Bonifacio. Boni has been out of work for the last few weeks because his SO had to have some sort of surgery. (I don't know what kind and it doesn't matter in the context of this story. I can tell you that her staples have been removed, and that she is doing great; in a few more weeks she should be released to go back to work.) Of course we had to catch up on the cute things his dog had been up to, and how much fun I had being stuck at home because of the ice storm. The car accident came up in the conversation because he had talked to someone that actually saw the forensics team outside, and had caught a glimpse of the victims bloody smock. Now anyone working for The Company can tell you that you are not supposed to take your smock out of the building, but apparently this woman didn't listen, and now the smock was possibly ruined, and the poor dear was dead.

When I went to lunch this was all I knew. The accident reportedly happened around 7 am, and yet I couldn't find any coverage about it. In fact 8 hours later the lead story is about a Chinese restaurant that burned down, and I still can't find any record of a death. It's entirely possible that the reason for this is that it didn't happen.

It appears that two unrelated events became one tall tale. There was a woman that was hit by a car this morning. A man dropped off his wife, and when he went to leave he backed into a woman that was on her way to her car. The victim (still unknown to me) was taken to the hospital, but she is okay. On the other hand, a wonderfully sweet woman named Rosa Hurtado passed away last night. I never knew she was sick, but apparently she left work last year, and was diagnosed with leukemia. As Beth remarked, "Bad things shouldn't happen to the people we like." Unfortunately bad things do happen, and my thoughts are with her family.

There is a very good reason why I don't tend to believe the crazy stories I hear around work. It seems like 90% of what I'm told ends up being complete crap. I just can't believe that such completely different events got transformed into such a graphic tale of carnage. We're all just suckers for spectacle I guess. It's so boring here that anything to talk about is worth talking about.