Sunday, January 28, 2007

Haircut Infidelity

[All hairstylists names withheld to protect me.]

I have been having issues with my regular hair dresser lately. She’s done nothing wrong, I just can’t get a damn appointment. I’ve been trying to set something up since before Christmas. Everytime I call either she’s busy (driving or whatever) and needs to call me back, or she doesn’t answer her work or cell phone so I leave her a message to call me back. I have not been getting these calls back for whatever reason. I finally gave up this week and got my friend Julie to hook me up with the woman that she’s been using for even more years than I’ve used mine. I’ll probably go back to my usual person next time...maybe. I just needed a haircut, and that meant I needed to get someone on the phone and get a damn appointment.

Julie's woman did everything that I asked with my hair. I told her that I wanted a trim and that I needed some texture added in. She executed both of these things perfectly. Of course she went on to “do stuff” to my hair and show me how I could make it all snazzy myself. This never works. I’m either to lazy to do more than brush my hair, or it just doesn’t work the way it does for them. But that’s not really the point here. I failed to mention one aspect of the haircut, and she made it look great, but it’s driving me batshit crazy! My bangs are long enough to get in my eyes, but too short to tuck behind my ear. I spent all yesterday afternoon pushing my hair out of my eyes and cursing. It didn’t present itself as a problem until after we left the mall, and honestly didn’t really start getting on my nerves until I had spent over an hour with it falling into my eyes. The one consolation is that they are really long, and in a week or two I should be able to tuck them.

Still, I want to thank Julie; my hair looks good.

I’m also in love with the receptionists at this place. I had a 1 o’clock appointment, and because of traffic I had to call them and cancel. I wouldn’t have made it before 1:30. Since this particular person didn’t have any slots left today I resigned myself to not getting a haircut. Around 2 they called me (even though I hadn’t asked them to) and told me that the 3 o’clock had cancelled and would I like to come in at that time. !?!?! They called me? Yeah, that’s a pretty strong plus in my book right now. But I can't really leave my lady, can I? I mean this was just a short affair, it didn't mean anything to me. She wasn't giving me what I needed, but I still love her you know? What would you do?

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