Thursday, February 15, 2007

Post Valentine's Post

So Valentine’s has come and gone. Jeff and I have a few things going on lately that are causing stress, so yesterday started off a little rough. Work sucked and I’m on the rag, so I was less than cheerful when I finally got to the crowded-as-hell grocery store after work. Still, Jeff and I had a wonderful night together. For once, Jeff asked what I wanted him to cook and I actually came up with a nice meal plan. We had rack of lamb with mushroom risotto and green beans. The grocery trip was to pick up a loaf of fresh bread and some vanilla ice cream. For dessert I grabbed a blueberry pie from Marie Callender’s, and I found out that I don’t particularly like blueberry pie. Oh well, it was fun. I helped cook by stirring things when Jeff had to walk away from the stove, and I kept our glasses filled. We ate slowly and savored the food and each other’s company. Then we watched Lost and when we got sleepy we went to bed. It was a fairly non-productive evening, but it was just what we needed to unwind and get away from all the crap that was driving us crazy. If I can just hold on to that relaxed feeling that I had as I drifted off to sleep last night then maybe my shoulders will stop hurting so much.

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