Friday, February 23, 2007

This Time It's For Real

So I really am trying to find a new job. I feel better about life in general now that I’m really trying to get out of The Company. I’ve applied for enough jobs now that I’ve actually lost count, but I think that I’m averaging two a day for the last two weeks. I’ve even applied for some jobs that don’t sound “great” to me. Maybe by casting a wider net I’ll have better luck than I have in the past.

On the other hand I am easily discouraged. This would be the root cause of all my previous failed attempts at job seeking. It’s been two weeks and the only response that I’ve gotten so far is that one of the positions has already been filled. I am unwanted.

On the upside, unlike a co-worker here, I didn’t get scheduled for an interview, then check the status online and see that I had been declined because the position has already been filled. She hasn’t called them back yet, so we’re not sure if the interview is still on in the hopes that she will want a different position, or if she has an interview in case the person they hired isn’t working out. It seems odd that an interview would be scheduled several weeks away, but it’s at a hospital and maybe they do things differently there.

I'm considering a new tactic. I may start offering bribes like home baked cookies, or brownies to people that call me to schedule an interview. I mean, sure not everybody likes sweets, but do I really want to work for someone that appreciate how delicous my cookies are?

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