Friday, March 16, 2007

Is This Progress?

I must have done something right in order to warrant a personal rejection. I’ve been applying to all sorts of positions that I don’t technically have the right background for, but that I’m pretty damn sure I could handle. Today when I opened my gmail I saw:

“Dear Ms. DuBose,
Thank you for interest. At this point we are only considering experienced candidates who have worked as an Escrow Assistant for 2- 3 years.
Best of Luck in Your Job Search
Douglas Plummer Managing Director"

Somehow this feels like progress, even though I’m really no closer to having a new job than I was before Doug here rejected me. I suppose it validates my attempts by implying that at least one person actually read what I submitted. It doesn’t do anything to eliminate my fear that The Company* has contaminated me and no other employer will ever hire me again, but I still feel better than I did yesterday about my job search. Hell, a complete stranger wished me luck, that’s got to help, right?

*Last year The Company actually published instructions on how we are not supposed to blog about The Company, because our behavior on the internets may reflect poorly on said company.

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