Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Crystal Light Reviews

I tried two new flavors of Crystal Light To-Go packets today. The first one is easy to review, because I still haven’t finished it. This flavor is the Green Tea Raspberry. It kind of tastes like raspberry flavored grass. Maybe it’s an acquired taste, and after a few bottles (7 more to go) I’ll find it more palatable. For right now I’m having a hard time downing this massive 16oz serving. It’s also worth mentioning that the color leaves a LOT to be desired. It looks like some sort of toxic runoff or something, and not like a delicious beverage. I guess that’s okay, cause it doesn’t taste delicious either.

The other flavor that I tried today was an Energy formula, Wild Strawberry. This one has got B vitamins and Caffeine (about 120mg for a 16oz serving, if memory serves). I’m going to have to see what I think about this one the next time I drink it. My first impression is that it must have citric or ascorbic acid in it because it stings the back of my throat. I liked the flavor a lot, except that it made my throat a little raw. Instead of quenching my thirst it seemed to make me thirstier and I had a bit of a cough until I drank some water. I was kind of hyper later, so I think there’s enough caffeine there to make a difference on a tired day.

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