Thursday, March 29, 2007

Doll Knits

I went shopping Tuesday after work at the Hancock Fabrics that is closing. I heard that they had knitting books, and that they would be on sale. I picked up 4 books, and I think they are all worth it. One is a scarf book that was mentioned in my knitting class a week and a half ago. One book is a stitch dictionary type book, no patterns just technique. One book is a knitted bag book, I might have an idea for DQ's b-day in there, and it's not girly. But it's the fourth book that I really want to talk about. I have no practical reason to purchase this book, but I was drawn to it, and I could not resist.

I purchased Knits for Barbie doll by Nicky Epstein. I don't know if I even have any Barbies right now. If I do they are hiding in some box being eaten by spiders or something. I did love my Barbies growing up though. I never had very many, but I had a decent number of accessories. I wasn't even very kind to them at times. I remember one of them sacrificed her head to become a pencil topper that I gave to a fellow Flag.

This book has some of the most beautiful clothes that I've ever seen for Barbie. Just look at that jacket on the cover. There are 75 patterns in this book. There are sweaters, jackets, hats, dresses, and even blanket and rug patterns. If I had a Barbie home she would getting a rug ASAP. I still feel it's an odd purchase, but it was 30% off. I never would have bought it online, but being able to check out all the patterns in advance convinced me that I wanted to own it. My current favorite is the Loop Ensemble on pg 86.

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