Thursday, March 29, 2007

So Sugar-Free It’s Saccharin

I feel the need to mention that today is my Sweetie Pie’s birthday. (Don’t tell anyone, but he’s 31 years old today.)

The problem is I know what I want to do. I want to talk about how we first met, and all sorts of squishy-lovey-dovey stuff. I’m not really that girl though, and our relationship wasn’t really one of those by the numbers kinds of things. So I’ll just tell you what I remember.

Jeff used to live on the same floor in Jester as the guy I was dating when I moved to Austin. I guess we saw each other in the halls, elevators, and out on the slab. We didn’t really talk though. I’m not a very outgoing person, and I pretty much only talk to people I already know. Well that guy from high school became an ex during the spring of 1995. When I went back to UT that fall I still hung out at Jester, but I had to make some new friends. Things were a little weird with the ex, and that meant things were a little weird with all the friends that were his friends first and mine second. I don’t remember exactly why I decided that I wasn’t going to date anyone. It could have been because of the stupid ex, or maybe I just decided all the guys that were interested in me were freaks (in a bad way).

In steps “sensitive ponytail guy”, played by Jeff. We all know SPG. SPG is the guy that listens to his female friends as they cry over various exes or bitch about men sucking. He’s the guy that you grab for lunch, or call after some weirdo makes a pass at you. He nods in all the right places, and he doesn’t get any action, because he’s such a good friend. Only something went wrong, because somehow we ended up dating. We slipped very easily from friends to more than friends. The only awkwardness was in the fact that Jeff’s room in Jester that year was directly across the hall from my ex. There was no denying that I had moved on.

Things were so gradually sudden that we don’t even have an exact date to celebrate for when we started dating.… Neither of us know exactly when it happened. (If only the blog had been invented back then.) Together we came to the conclusion that we started dating in September of 1995. Hell we had a whole month to celebrate, which is better than just one day anyway.

At least I had the forethought to write on a calendar when we got engaged. Jeff asked me to marry him on Christmas Eve in 2002. I hope when we finally do get married that I remember to write that day down, because knowing me I’ll forget otherwise. Still it’s nice to know that it wasn’t history teachers failing me all those years; I’m just really no good at remembering dates.

So it’s been eleven and a half years since we first started reading comics together. They haven’t all been easy, but I’m glad that I’ve shared them with him. We’ve had an interesting ride so far, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Happy Birthday Jeff! I love you.

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