Thursday, April 19, 2007

Two Great Smells....and Not Bad News

You know what smells worse than burnt popcorn? Well when I went past the break area right before leaving work this afternoon I found out that burnt popcorn when mixed with the sick smell of old people powder* smells like 10 times worse than regular burnt popcorn.

In other news, I have someone that might be interested in hiring me? I've applied at this credit union just about once a week, and all of a sudden today they called my house (while I was on my way home) and sent me an email. The email said that they had received my resume, but that I needed to apply online. I applied online again (god I hate those forms) and responded to the email asking them to use my cell number if they want to reach me tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

*Old people powder is baby powder with old people smell mixed in. Old people smell is like a pile of vitamins and medicines mixed together, or perhaps the smell of decay.

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