Monday, April 23, 2007

Sometimes They Still Don't Get Titles

I went to knitting class on Sunday with a hangover. I don’t know at what point in the night I forgot that I had somewhere to be at 10 am, but I must have. I was just hanging out and having a good old time, then I woke up and everything was kind of spinny and my tummy felt gross. After our class was over I had several people thank me for my hangover. See, I came in a few minutes late, and delicately took a seat next to the instructor (the lovely Amy R. Singer from Knitty). After a few moments I said or did something and felt the need to announce to the entire class that I had a serious hangover, and to excuse me if I was a basket case. Evidently even knitters need an ice breaker, and apparently I hit the motherlode of ice breakers with that announcement. Amy was in town promoting her new book No Sheep For You and taught our class all about knitting with yarns that aren’t woolie.

At Hill Country I picked up a few skeins of sock yarn. I’m actually knitting a pair for Jeff now. I figure if I can do a set of almost knee high socks for me in a week, then I should be able to knit him a pair in a similar amount of time. It’s out of the same type of yarn as my last pair (with the lacey bits) but even though I’m using the same US4 needles, my gauge seems a bit different. My pair came out around 6 sts/inch, but this yarn is knitting at more 7 sts/inch. The thing that’s really scaring me at this point, is that it seems like the sock is too big. I measured Jeff’s foot and got 10.5 inches around the ball of his foot. I did some math and decided to increase from the toe to 72 stitches. When this seemed off I checked my Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook, and they said for 7 sts/inch on a 10.5 inch foot to use 72 stitches. So, I plan to knit up to the point that I would begin the heel work, and I’ll put the stitches on some waste yarn and check the fit again on his foot. If we both still think the sock is too big, I’ll just have to rip it out and start over. So I’m plowing right along working towards the possibility of starting over. *wince* Still, I want the socks to fit properly. The only reason I didn’t already rip back and start over, is because this should be the correct size (unless my tape measure is stretched out). So I’ll give it a bit more work and then see if all of a sudden everything seems right, or if it is completely obvious that something is wrong and his feet aren’t that big….

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