Monday, April 16, 2007

I Can Has Queue?

Okay folks, I have a Netflix queue now, but I don't have any friends*. I need friends so that I can browse movie recommendations and stuff. I only get to pick one DVD at a time, so I'm going to want to make it count. I have to make sure my choices are fabulously good or bad, no meh movies if at all possible.

Here's this fancy link that says if you clicks it that it will help you be my friend. It might be a liar, but I hope it works because that seems to me to be the fastest way to get friends.

*Um, that is Netflix doesn't know that I have friends. Help me correct this issue.


Tim said...

I enjoy the fact that Netflix went all temporarily unavailable on my ass the minute I tried to add you as a friend.

The Holmes said...

Accepted! Especially since the question was posed in ICHCB speak.

Katie said...

Tara, you can add me to your list of friends too!!! I LOVE Netflix!!!