Tuesday, April 17, 2007

El Yay!

Finally, after months of wanting and waiting or waiting and wanting, definitely with the wanting and not having... We have a Wii! Wooters!!1! Okay, I'm going to go play now. Oh yeah, and as Jeff points out, we re-arranged the entire living room. So now I'm going to go enjoy my new living room while I play the Wii. Hope you have a good night.


Julie said...

When I saw the subject line, I got all excited and thought you'd had a new job. But a wii, that's cool too! Can't wait to come over and check it out, they look so cool in the commercials! And I promise not to throw the controller through your television or sliding glass door:)

Tara said...

Don't forget not to smash the lights in the ceiling fan either. :)