Monday, April 9, 2007


It’s still kind of chilly outside today. I remember during our Fredricksburg* outing the news was on and we all saw the predictions for freezing temperatures. Tim and I looked at each other, and said no way! This is Texas and it’s already April. The current weather map showed yellows and oranges, but the futurecast showed blues and purples. It must have been a mistake of some sort. Only it wasn’t a mistake, or at least not a forecasting one. It sure did get cold. As Jeff and I drove around town on Saturday we dealt with cold, rain, and even sleet. The good news is that we should be back in the yellows and oranges soon. I’m not a big fan of the cold.

Today I didn’t go out to lunch. My lunch buddy is out sick, and Jeff never got around to fixing his car over the weekend so he has mine. (Something about laying down on the driveway to get underneath the car while there was rain and cold didn’t seem to appeal to him.) Still, I didn’t want to just lose that 30 minute lunch they don’t pay me for, so I knat. I spent 30 minutes outside sitting on cold cold cold concrete knitting away on my latest sock. Socks are great, because they’re so easy to carry around. I think that if I’m going to make sitting outside knitting a standard thing that I might need to get a cushion. Maybe a cushion with a waterproof side in case the ground is a little wet….

*This entry is not going to do it justice, but I don’t want to forget to mention it, Fredricksburg was super fun. Julie, Tim, Stella, Jeff, and I all roadtripped and I had a blast! I think I may have to take another trip up there again soon, or maybe to some other fun locales that are within 1 ½ hours of Austin. It’s looking like I have several more 3 day weekends coming up in my future. April 20th, May 11th, and May 25th. With 3 days off at a time, I’ve got to do something extraordinary, even if it’s on the more typical day of Saturday.

Also, Movie Night was one of the top showings in the food department. Movie night is always full of tasty surprises, but it seemed like everyone went above and beyond last night. I had no idea that so many of my friends were adept at cooking various Asian cuisines. I’ll have to remember that next time I get to pick the theme. Jeff picked out some trippy-ass Japanimation, and a general freak out was had by all.

Well I’ve almost made it through the first day of this new schedule. I’ve done my best not to update every 10 minutes with how long I have left to go. Still now that I’m down to the last 30 minutes I’ve got to wrap up a few loose ends so that I’m ready to bail at exactly 3pm. It’s going to be really weird to not sit in traffic for an hour on the way home.

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