Saturday, April 21, 2007

Do I Even Want It?

I met with my interviewer for about 45 minutes yesterday, and I think things went really well. We talked about personal and professional stuff, and seemed to get along. The beginning of the interview was, "I don't know if we can meet your salary requirements." and by the end had turned more towards, "I'm pretty sure we'll be calling."

So, if they do call me, do I even want this job? I know that I've complained a lot about The Company, and that's because it's a soul-sucking environment filled with the type of people that pee on toilet seats and draw penises on the bathroom stall doors. I have a few reservations for this position, which by the way is a teller position at a credit union. On the one hand I have the utmost job security at The Company. I mean, any time that you can stop working overtime, start coming in late, and get a raise for it, you know that you're pretty secure. On the other hand the woman had to go and mention "sales". I hate the S word. Basically when someone comes in to make a deposit you're supposed to look at their account information and figure out what other "features" you can get them to sign up for. It doesn't sound like this selling is tied to your base compensation, but there are quotas (another bad word). The one area is currently short 10 people, so it can't be all that great a job.... I don't know.

I'm going to have a few days to think about it, and ponder how important leaving The Company is to me. I also need to see if they are going to make an offer, and how aggressive an offer it is. I mean, if they offer less than I make now I don't really have to think much. What do you guys think? There's room to move up, but can I do the sort of pushy selling and ass kissing that would be required?


Julie said...

Personally, it sounds shady and something you'd very possibly come to resent. I mean, hitting up people who are already your customers for more business? Yuck. Congratulations on the interview, but unless you really can't take The Company anymore, hold out for a job you really want.

yer mama said...

Yeah and being nice to people every day and smiling gets old. I much prefer to hid behind my cubicle wall.

Take if from Ashley, she worked in a mall for 7 years. Long, long years.