Monday, April 9, 2007

Are We There Yet?

We are now 2.5 hours into my work day that began at 7am. Well, to be honest it began shortly before 6 which, according to the color of the sky, was before the day began. Still, none of it counts until I am in The Building. *bleck* I have 5.5 hours to go until I can clock out and leave. Apparently my boss was looking for me at the start of shift meeting at 7 this morning. There are a couple of issues with that. The first issue is that he didn’t tell me that he wanted me to go to any such meeting, so I’m not going. It’s really kind of stupid. The main purpose of this meeting is for them to “call roll”. I’m not a kindergartener and I clock in for crying out loud. He can look at the system and see if I was here on time or not, which for the record is the second reason for my lack of attendance. Yes, I’m off to a great start by being 10 minutes late today. Jeff’s opinion is that I was 1 hour and 50 minutes early, and so everyone should be happy. We’ll see how well that goes over. Anyway, this meeting is completely on the other side of the building from my office, so until I am specifically told that I must attend this thing, I will just abstain. Man, I hope that he doesn't tell me that I have to go.


yer mama said...

I used to work 7-3 and I NEVER got used to it. COFFEE

The Holmes said...

Unnecessary meetings am the sucko. Even necessary meetings go blech.