Saturday, March 1, 2008

Falling Down

Falling Leaves Cuff
Falling Leaves Cuff,
originally uploaded by Tara DuBose.
We've been busy all week studying up for the start of our scuba class (which starts in about 30 minutes). I'll try to tell you what I think when we get back tonight, but we go again tomorrow at the same bat time, so we'll see if I get to it or not. (Two weekends of work and then we're certified!)

This is the cute little cuff for a pair of socks I'm knitting for Jeff. I've actually made it down the leg, but there's no time to get that picture today. So I elected to post the cuff. It's kind of cool, because it's doubled over so it's twice as thick as a plain knit cuff. Makes it all squishy feeling.

This is from Cat Bordhi's New Pathways sock book. Jeff picked the pattern himself, and it's been pretty fun to knit. The only issue is that his leg is much larger than the leg the pattern was written for. This is making the heel into some sort of math war that I'm waging. So progress is slow. I have lots of safety lines in so that I rip back at any moment without having to worry about unravelling the leg.

Okay, gotta go. Showers are nice, and I'm running out of time.

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