Tuesday, March 25, 2008

They All Fall Down

The Falling Leaves socks for Jeff are finally complete. I feel like I've been working on them forever. Of course it's actually only been a month and I have dabbled in crochet, and knit another pair of socks in there. There's also the large chunks of my life where I cannot knit, and the recovery time after the Zombies where my little wrists just needed a break.

Details: Pattern: Veil of Leaves from New Pathways for Sock Knitters: Book One by Cat Bordhi
(modified to fit a US Men's size 12 1/2)
Needles: US 2 (2.75 mm) - 2 circulars
Yarn: Knit One Crochet Too
Sox Appeal Color 9580
96% Superwash Merino Wool / 3% Nylon / 1% Elastic
Started Feb 25th and Finished Mar 24th (at 11:30pm). On the one hand I can't believe it took so long, on the other hand I really didn't push to finish them all that quickly. And just because I think it's an insane number I'd like to point out that this single pair of socks is comprised of more than 29000 stitches. Adding up just the easy to count stitches it came out to 28,820. I didn't bother doing the math to figure out what went into that sassy heel, or the cute (not so little) toes.

And before you question it, yes he's entirely worth it. Now it'll be a while before I take on another project like this for him, but I think a simple yarn change would have made all the difference in the quickness of this project. So, what I hope you take away from this is, do not knit big socks in a yarn that is even 1% elastic. It will dampen your spirits and make it seem like it's not actually getting any longer... even though it really is.

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