Friday, March 7, 2008

NatCroMo (7)

Day 7 of the CAL and only 3 minutes of crocheting done today. ... There was a time limit. The instructions today were to change yarn or hook size and crochet a HDC/HTC for 3 minutes. (That's a halfdouble or halftriple for you all that would otherwise have to look that up - like I did yesterday.)

I only managed about 27 stitches, which pretty much goes half way around the flowery looking thing that I've currently got. It was really tempting to just ignore the instruction and go all the way around, but then I stopped. What would be the fun in going all the way around? What if the next instruction comes out all the more bizarre because I have less that a full round? Yeah, we'll see won't we?

I spent longer photographing and posting about this day's work than actually doing it. Crazy!

Now back to some knitting.

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