Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Knitter in Waiting

Tina of Blue Moon Fiber Arts has started teasing the members of the Socks that Rock Club with information about the coming March shipment.

1. They will start shipping next week.

In response to an I can't wait post:
2. Ditto, and I know what it is!

In response to a I hope it's green post:
3. Be careful what you ask for. Remember what Kermit the frog says. "It's not easy being green"
... or pink

I can barely stand the anticipation. There's much speculation out there. Will it be green, or will it be pink, or will it be pink and green? I imagine that Jeff will be less interested in having socks knit from pink and green yarn.

Either way I better get back to work on the Falling Leaves socks. I'm working on the foot of the sock now, and I have hopes that I'll finish sock #1 soon. I can't believe how slowly it's knitting up. I mean, I understood the fiddly bits taking time, but this is just a stockinette foot. I really should have been finished by now. I blame the elastic yarn. I think that although I've knit 3 inches on it each time it's shrinking back down to 1. (It's really not likely, but that's how I give myself a break.)

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