Saturday, February 23, 2008


I completed these socks on Thursday, but I didn't get them photographed right away. I took a few last night, and more today. Wow, isn't the weather great today? Well, it is if you're in Austin, TX. If the weather is not great where you are, then I apologize for rubbing it in.

These were just a little pair of plain stockinette socks that I started to kill time when traveling, and to use up some of the mass of sock yarn that I've acquired. However, my sock club yarn and then the Noro sock yarn got in the way. I actually got down to the business of getting these done last week during our Twin Peaks marathon (only about 7 hours to go!).

The foot came out a little bit long, but not enough to be a problem, like maybe one or two rows. The biggest problem was that I knit the second one down to half way through the foot and then realized that I'd messed up at the cuff. (The second cuff was 1/2 the length of the 1st) This is what happens when you knit while drinking (alternating wine and coffee), talking, and watching tv. Since I had intended to match up the starting colors, and hadn't remembered when actually casting on the cuff issue was the final straw. I frogged the entire sock and started over again.

I think they came out pretty damn nice.

Next up: knitting the second sock for the test sock I did last year. I knit a full size test sock so that I could see how it would fair in the laundry. I knew I couldn't put it in the dryer, but I wanted to make sure that the yarn could at least survive the washer, and come out in wearable condition. The sock passed the test, and then I got down to knitting the socks I gifted my dad for Christmas. This is going to be a fast knit, since it's only 48 sts per round, and I think I only made a 5 inch leg.

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