Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You Know You Want One

This awesome little number was created by Carissa Knits over there (points to Carissa's blog). The original post was from September 2006, but this is a classic that won't soon go out of style. I mean, who doesn't want an R2D2 hat? She even designed little pokey outey bits instead of only working a flat design. I'm not sure how I feel about her choice of using duplicate stitching (knitting a striped hat and stitching the pattern on top afterward) as opposed to knitting it together that way to begin with. I guess it depends on which way is more flexible. I mean, it's a hat, so wearability is paramount. I think adding the stitching on top would be easier in some ways, but it's also more like needlepoint and less like knitting, and although I love the idea of needlepoint the project that has languished in a plastic sack in my closet since 1992ish tells you that it's just not something I can really get into.

Still, a very cool hat in my opinion. I think someone should make me one.

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