Wednesday, February 20, 2008

At Least They Aren't Pooping On It

Well, it happened again last night. Some cat threw up on the bed. The time before was only back on Saturday. I suspect Bullet, since I'd seen him toss his pellets on the "dining room" floor on Sunday, but Jeff refuses to lay blame. I think mostly Jeff doesn't want to lay blame, because then he'd know who to be mad at. See, the cat(s) have a pattern. If they throw up on the bed, they only do it on Jeff's side. Why? I dunno. It might be because his side is pretty much bare, and mine is piled with covers. It might be because they feel comforted by his scent on his side, or maybe they like me more and don't want to puke on my side. There's really no telling. Still, as much as I like clean sheets I think that I'd like to not have to wash them every 3 days. It would be nice if they would go barf in the tub or something where it would be easier to clean up.

Aren't you glad that you read my blog today? I promise the next post will be more pleasant.

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E.D. said...

Cat barf has been a part of my life since I was a wee thing. It is, unfortunately, a force of nature and, much like hurricanes and tornadoes, cannot be predicted or stopped. However, I've found that having a home mostly covered in tile has made a big difference. If shopping for a home, I highly suggest some form of cat-friendly-non-carpet. Doesn't do much for beds (and I do blame Bullet on priciple), but it can make clean up easier in the long run.