Thursday, February 14, 2008

How the Heck Have You Been?

Wow, I have had a busy busy week that started with last Friday. I'll try not to be tedious, and yet I have a lot to say so please bear with me.

Friday afternoon Jeff damn near totaled the car. Now, he didn't get in a major accident or anything, there's a picture right there of what my "totaled" car looked like. We were making a u-turn under MoPac and the car in front of us made to go, and as Jeff rolled forward and checked to see if he was clear too, then chickened out and slammed on the brakes. We basically bumped into them and of course my sturdy aluminum car folded like the piece of Hyundai crap that it is. So with a busted fender the car was almost a total loss to the insurance company. Since Saturday we've gone from the car having $1200 of previous damage and being repairable, to the car having $1550 of previous damage and being totaled, to finally the car having $1000 of previous damage and again being repairable, albeit needing more repairs. *sigh* Our original claims agent Scott Hunter at Progressive in Austin,TX was a total prick, and I think hell bent on totaling my vehicle. Yesterday we dealt with several other nice people who were able to give us additional money and decide that the car was not the big piece of crap that Scott seemed to think it was. Yesterday I got the type of service that I'm used to receiving from Progressive. They've always taken care of me. I choose to believe that Scott is a fluke, and I hope to never ever speak to him again. We were given the name and number of someone else in the claim department that we will work with if we have any other issues come up during this repair cycle.

Over the weekend we made our first trip to the Ikea, and I think we almost perished. I was pretty sickly, and spending 3 hours shopping just about did me in. Still, we found this cute little tv stand and hopefully after this weekend (I don't want to have his first few days in the living room too traumatic.) I'll move Toby out into his new space. See, I haven't been the best lizard mommy and I want him out where I can see him, and hopefully give him more attention.
We also finally got the wedding inviations put together Sunday, and they went in the mail Monday. I've already heard back from several local people that they've started getting them in. I'm still looking forward to being married to Jeff, but honestly I just can't wait for all this wedding shit to be over with.

Well, there's more posty to come, but for now I've got some stuff to deal with here at work.


Michael Angstadt said...

Scott Hunter is actually one of the nicest and understanding adjusters I've ever had. He took my feedback constructively and even when I got frustrated helped me work out my anger towards a positive outcome.

Tara said...

Okay, snarky comment deleted. I shall limit myself to pointing out that this post is over 6 years old. Maybe you should check the dates on something you want to comment on before jumping in.