Sunday, February 3, 2008

Really Rockin' Now

I finished my 1st Socks that Rock Sock Club knit on the way to Ian and Mary's wedding yesterday. They're very comfortable and are keeping my toes toasty as we relax in my dad's apartment this morning.

Ian and Mary's wedding and reception was really nice. I'm glad that we made the trip out here to see them, even if it was harried. We left a lot later than we should have. We had to bring the dog to the apartment and change before heading from Houston to Plantersville. We almost didn't make it in time, and that caused us both a little stress. All in all though it worked out just fine. We partied until we ran out of party and then we came back here to sleep.

Now I need to figure out if we can go to Craftex this morning, and how long we'll be in Houston today.

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