Monday, September 17, 2007

Poor Planning

Hopefully Jeff will be able to drop back by the house today and pick up my knitting, or else I'm going to be pretty bored at our first knitting group. Karen decided a long time ago that we should have a knitting group, since there are 4 or 5 of us that knit (and one that crochets). She's been busy and never managed to actually pull it together. So two weeks ago she decided that we should have a meeting on the first Monday of the month, only we'd just missed the first Monday so September was to be on the second Monday. On the second Monday I was at home sick and Lacy forgot to bring anything with her, so it was postponed until this Monday. I knew about the meeting, and I even saw it on the calender at Karen's on Friday, but still I forgot. I didn't bring anything to knit because I didn't have anything that I felt like working on at work, and ever since my fever I've been slightly more car sick than usual so I don't feel much like knitting on the drive home. I figured I'd just leave it instead of carrying it around all day for no reason. ... Well, except now we know there was a reason, I'd just forgotten it. Jeff is the one that remembered and he volunteered to try and go back by the house before I get off work if he is able to make the time. If he isn't able to then I suppose I'll just sit around being stupid and eat some pizza or something.

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