Sunday, September 30, 2007

Madame Mam's - A Review

Jeff took me out to Madame Mam's for some Thai food this evening. It was a great chance to use my iPhone. Hahaha. I took pictures of the food as it arrived, and made notes while we were there. It's always been a dream of mine to be an amateur food critic, and now that dream is a reality. Aren't you pleased? I know I am. All the photos linked to below were taken with the iPhone, in case you were curious.

For an appetizer we ate from the specials menu, and had Tod Mun Chicken. The flavor is really terrific, but the texture left a lot to be desired. It was rather spongy, and Jeff probably wouldn't want to split it with me again. I would totally eat it again though, because even though it was strange it was some of the most delicious stuff I've ever put in my mouth.

For dinner I had Mam's Special Penang Beef Curry. This was also wonderful. It was very spicy, and the sauce was rich and creamy. You could taste the undercurrent of sweet from the coconut milk just barely, along with some lime and basil flavors. The beef was so tender that tearing apart the long flat strips was no trouble. I really enjoyed this, and Jeff will probably have fewer problems getting me back to Madame Mam's after tonight's experience.

Jeff had Yum Guay Teaw which is flat rice noodles and shrimp in a special sauce with peanuts and fried onion. The fried onion is little tiny pieces piled on top of the dish when you first get it, and the special sauce is billed as lemongrass, roasted chili sauce, lime juice, and honey. What you taste is a clean feeling sauce with spice and honey. I think I would like to try this again with chicken instead of the shrimp, because although the flavor was good, I wasn't interested in eating a bunch of shrimp and it was kind of boring just eating the noodles. Also, it's hard to eat rice noodles that are in a slippery sauce with chop sticks. I'm just saying is all.

After dinner we headed over to Amy's Ice Cream and split a small, which was the perfect size for us. We had Italian Cream Cake ice cream. The ice cream was great when we sampled it, with all sorts of yummy stuff like walnuts and coconut (wow that was a great typo, I don't think I want cococunt in my ice cream). To get back on topic here we decided to go ahead and add a crush'n and decided that Whoppers might just do the trick. We ate it on the way home and finished it right before pulling into the driveway.

So that was our night of dining, and I had a great time. It's always fun when everything you try tastes great. The service is lovely, and you haven't got a thing to complain about when you get home.

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