Saturday, September 1, 2007

Oh Romeo

I had the quickest highlight and haircut appointment ever yesterday. It was almost so quick as to be a blur. I was definitely a bit dazed at the end. I got there just after 4:30 and I was out of there by 5:15. I think that the order it happened in was first an essential oil treatment, then the hand painted highlights, then washing, and then the cut and styling. It was a very efficient haircut, without any wasted movements. It's kind of choppy, but not choppy... Those of you who see it Saturday will have to let me know what you think. I think it's not much different than my previous haircut, but yet it is different... It's hard to put into words. I think I like it. I have a completely insane fear that the first time that I wash it and leave the house without doing anything to it that it'll go crazy on me and I'll look mad. We'll see, won't we? :)

Anyways, after the haircut Jeff and I headed home to let the dog out. I didn't want the poor beast to have to spend too much longer in his crate before he got to go out. We chilled at home for a while so that Muttly could have some running around time before we went out to dinner. We decided to go to Romeo's, and everything was delicious. I'm glad that we decided not to get an appetizer because as it was I only at half my dinner, didn't finish the dessert that we shared, and went home uncomfortably full. We started by sharing a house salad and a cup of soup. OMG the soup was so good. I got the tomato basil, and I think it's my new favorite. The cup of soup is also a fairly generous portion, and it's only $3 at dinner (or $2 at lunch). The waitress recommended getting two half orders since I couldn't make up my mind on what to eat last night. She says that they only charge half of what the entry normally costs, and not a penny more, for half orders. I went ahead and got half orders of the Romeo's Shells and Tortellini Sugarosa. They were both excellent, but I prefer the shells. I believe that the tortellini is vegetarian (not vegan) and the shells are stuffed FULL of meat, so that's probably why I liked them better. In retrospect I would take advantage of the fact that you can get a half order and just get a half order. It basically gives you the lunch prices, and it's still a good amount of food. If you're still hungry I suppose you could order another half or take advantage of their tiramisu, and it is excellent. The tiramisu was so full of mascapone we were in heaven.

We also ran into the lesser known 5th Baldwin brother, Bubba Baldwin, at Romeo's. That's what Jeff called him and it fit so well that that's how we referred to him for the rest of the night. He was all sorts of freaky. He greeted us at the door and showed us to our first table on the patio. He kept randomly exclaiming "Haha" all loud and strange, and he had some tomato sauce on his face. Bubba Baldwin sat us at a table that was all wobbly and right in front of two loud fans, so our waitress helped us find a better table. I seriously almost considered leaving, because I was worried that he was going to be our waiter. The dude is weird. I'm glad that we stayed because the food was terrific, our waitress was great, and the weather was really cool. When the rain started to pour down we were glad not to be in front of the fans anymore. It was strange because we could hear the rain, and if you looked into the street you could see it against the car headlights, but it was almost surreal. The patio is really well rain proofed and was quite pleasant even during the worst part of the brief storm.

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