Friday, September 21, 2007

Bad Blogger Alert

Sorry for the lack of the posty. I've been absolutely swamped at work. I was starting to have things pile up before I missed a week, so you can only imagine what it is like now.

I have several things I'd like to post about, but for the most part I'd like to have a picture to accompany the post, so I don't post. Instead I shall write a worthless post about not having anything to see and then I'll run off for the weekend.

This coming weekend is my dad's birthday (Happy 61st Dad!) and we're going to Dallas to see him and the rest of the gang. Hopefully Iza's socks will fit, and hopefully my dad won't notice that I didn't get him anything. He's just so impossible to shop for, and although I have great Christmas plans, that did not translate into any decent birthday plans.

Jeff will be going with my dad, Brandon, and Ken (Traci's boyfriend) to some drag races on Saturday. Hopefully they'll all get along together and come back with some awesome stories. I'm going to hang out with the girls, and try to help Traci take care of the little ones that aren't going to the race.

Well, I suppose I better get back to it. I have a couple more things to take care of before I can get out of here, and then it's time to start the weekend!

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