Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mad Blogger Unleashed

That's mad in a hatter kind of way, not in a postal kind of way, if you get my meaning. I really feel pity for anyone that keeps up with this blog. I have a horrible tendency to post so erratically with tons at times, and then long dry spells.

Here's hoping for fewer dry spells. I still have to make the time to post, but I am feeling the inspiration. Jeff and I both acquired iPhones this weekend. This acquisition involved handing over some monies to the Apple store, and first driving home with my purchase I wondered if we'd made some terrible mistake. I mean, Jeff claimed that he needed one for work. Several of his clients have them and he can learn new tricks and charge them money to learn these tricks, or at the very least have experience with the product when they have issues/questions. I on the other hand have no business need, and in fact it is probably against company policy for me to have one in the building since there is a built in camera. I just wanted one because they are cool, and I would go insane with jealousy if Jeff had one and I didn't.

Now that I have the iPhone I am completely smitten. It holds all the music that my 4Gb iPod did, plus it holds photos, and audiobook, checks my email, surfs the internet, has all sorts of crazy contact information, takes pictures, knows the weather.... It is just so cool that I have been crooning about it all weekend. Today I just looked at Jeff and giggled, "I love my iPhone." It's perhaps sad or weird, but I do love technology, and this is doing all that I ask of it.

I've uploaded several pictures to Flickr today that were taken from the iPhone, and I think they look pretty good. It's kind of fun to take a picture and just send it in complete with title, description, and tags. I take that back, it's not kind of fun, it's really super fun. Heck, I bet I can even update my blog from that thing... Ooo scary isn't it?

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Julie said...

So... Jealous...! Can I come over and play with it some time?