Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hope You Had an Awesome Weekend

What a weekend! So chock full of fun and productivity that I feel like I need another weekend to get around to the relaxing part that I missed the first go round.

On Saturday we went to see the Holmes new old place, as it is now on the market, and if you want a condo in Austin you should totally go check it out and buy it from them. There were lots of tasty snacks and several different meats and even one fruit that made it onto the grills. Oh yes, there were multiple grills being put to use, it was awesome. Everyone had a grand old time sippin' beers and snarfing the snacks. I mostly hid inside with the air conditioning, but I did voluntarily escort Henry when he wanted to go outside for a bit. He was a doll and even listened to me when I hollered the wrong name. (my bad) From there we headed over to Lacy's for what was supposed to be another cookout. There were all manner of bizarre party games, and everyone got bit by the ants in the yard. Luckily there was plenty of beer to dull the pain, but there was no grilling. This means that we went home with the same 4 pounds of sausage that we came with.

Still, I had thought ahead and started inviting people to come over to our place on Monday when we were at Travis and Ashley's. So I knew that I'd get out of having to eat 8 sausages by myself. Unfortunately the second party had culminated with an excess of beer, some karaoke (despite Sean's best efforts*), and far too many pixie stixs for someone of my years. As a result I was worthless on Sunday. We worked like mad on Monday morning. We cleaned the place top to bottom (except for guest room where I hide the dog) and we went grocery shopping, and we had a great little shindig. We were ready roughly 45 minutes late, and that happily coincided with our first guests arriving. The last guests left fairly late after we finished catching up with all our recorded episodes of Who Wants to be a Superhero? The season finale is on this week, so I figured we ought to get them done. Jeff and I cleaned again and then sleepily crawled into bed. It was a full weekend, and I had a blast... well except for the bits where I felt a bit crappy. Still all in all it was worth it.

*When karaoke came up Lacy declared that they had the game and we should play. Sean told everyone completely dead pan that he had traded it in. When Lacy found the game he said that the disc wasn't inside, but it was. Then he tried to say that he had sold the microphone, but Lacy found the headset. Sean pointed out that the headset sucked, and that you still couldn't play without the microphone. Once Lacy had the microphone in hand he gave up and let all the women folk, and some of the men, commence with making asses of themselves in his living room.

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The Holmes said...

Glad y'all made it out for the fun. Hopefully we warm our next place sooner rather than later.