Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Wizard Did It

Just to allay any concerns you might have, I won't be posting any details found within the latest Harry Potter book The Deathly Hallows. So don't worry if you haven't read it, you won't find spoilers here, but be careful on the rest of the internet.

Last night Jeff and I went to Borders to get our copies of the book. I'm supposed to be at work today before the bookstores start opening, so we figured what the heck. Man, that was a long wait. They had all the people that had pre-ordered the book or not getting colored wristbands, and then let each section of each color group get in line as they were called. After waiting about 20 minutes I was almost ready to bail on the idea, but I went to go look for the Yarn Harlot's latest book and ran into Erin. Erin and Ian were both at the store too!

This made the night go by much more pleasantly. We had a lot of fun looking through the presidential doodles book (we were camped out in the history section). We also chatted about Harry Potter a bit, and Jeff warned everyone that Wikipedia is not safe for the time being, there are spoilers waiting to jump out at every corner. The people watching was superb. It's really a shame that I didn't bring a camera. There was a girl that was dressed up with a carrot hat, 1 good stab at Luna Lovegood and a bunch a twats with non-matching shoes, tons of cute little tiny Harry Potters (like age 5 and under), one family with 3 kids had dressed the youngest (2ish I'd guess) like a house elf, some old guy in his finest gold SCA outfit, a chick dressed as a quidditch player that had the coolest boots, and more fake wands than you could shake anything at.

Finally around 2:30 in the morning all 4 of us had our new books (at 40% off - $20.99 +tax) and a poster (that I haven't looked at yet) and we headed to our respective homes. I forced myself not to read a single sentence of the book last night, because I wanted to get to sleep as early as I could. I'd taken a small nap before we went to the store, but not enough to get me through a work day. Speaking of which, I need to wrap this up so that I can get to work. The last thing I want to post is an excerpt from the ad for the BookPeople event (that we didn't go to, because we didn't get a voucher in advance so we weren't getting a copy of the book there).

This is from the Calender section of the Onion:
"Harry Potter dies, okay? Now that that's out of the way, maybe you can get on with your life. Better yet, spend one last evening talking children's literature with other people who should know better at this fete for the final chapter in J.K.Rowling's boy wizard saga. To help bide the time before the midnight sale of Harry Potter And The Inevitably Disappointing Conclusion, BookPeople is constructing its own "Diagon Alley"..."

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