Friday, July 20, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

Jeff and I had an exciting moment during the drive to work this morning. ... Okay, let me back up because I'm getting side tracked by my own brain. I have to make sure and complain about how people in Austin drive in the rain. They are not the best drivers in any type of weather, but everything really goes to crap when it rains. It's like they are actually scared of rain itself, not the effect it has on driving conditions, but more that they have a terror of these strange wet blops that fall from the sky as if their god was weeping and who knows what that could mean??? If you happen to read this and haven't been to Austin, you should know that this is not some sort of desert climate that rarely gets rain. Austin gets rain, lots of rain, not Seattle type rain or anything, but enough that it really shouldn't terrify people anymore.

The end result is that we were cruising quite slowly on the freeway, because there was rain, and we've discussed rain in Austin. For once I'm glad that everyone practically comes to a stand still when it rains. In mid-stroke the driver side windshield wiper just flipped upside down. Somehow the whole thing had come partially undone and the little clippy bit just let it pop away from the window and flip over. We were able to pull over to the side, Jeff hopped out, flipped the wiper over, and locked it back into place, and then we were back on our merry little way. I think maybe 3 cars managed to pass us before we were ready to roll again. (Not cause Jeff was fast, but because traffic was that slow.)

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