Monday, July 9, 2007

Vacation Post #3

[Here we go again with some more of my vacation fun time. No photos for this stuff yet, and that's probably just going to be how it is.]

July 2nd: I'm not feeling so good, but I feel better than Jeff. I have a slight worry that he's getting sicker, but I think he mostly just feels crappy because he had a reaction to the antibiotic that he's on. Or rather the antibiotic caused him to have a reaction to sunlight, and by reaction I mean ugly red rash where the sunlight hit him on the legs. I spoke with the pharmacist in town, and we agree that he should go ahead and finish the medicine since he only has one day left. He's got to keep covered up, or wear sunscreen if he feels adventurous. I also got a cortizone cream to try and help the rash feel better faster.

I went fishing this morning with Dan and Jean. Jeff wasn't feeling up to it, so he stayed at the cabin and got some more rest. I caught the first fish of our trip. It's probably about 8 1/2 inches long, and was quite pretty with orange spots on it's side. Dan caught a different breed that is more grey and has no spots on it, but it was bigger than mine. Jean was dissappointed that she didn't catch any fish, but we'll try again tomorrow.

After our late breakfast and a brief nap, Dan tricked me into a hike. I mean, I wanted to hike, but I was told that it was super easy, mostly flat with just a couple of switch backs at the end, and it was 2.3 miles. Next time I'll know to press for a few more details. This was not an easy hike. I've done worse, but I was still pretty congested, and not being able to breathe makes hiking a bit harder. It's also important to note that although hiking to Cub Lake was 2.3 miles (and not flat), it was a 6 mile hike before we actually made it back to the truck. It was fun, and beautiful though, so I am glad that I went. I'm really glad that he didn't talk Jeff into it, because he would have been miserable.

Before heading back to the cabin, Dan and I made a few stops. We first went to the marina and got worms for tomorrow's fishing. Then we stopped at the Estes Park Brewery to get some beer. The beer went great with the kabobs that we had for dinner. They were easily some of the best kabobs that I've ever had. After dinner the whole pack of us drove down to see if we could spot some coyotes, but no luck. To make up for the lack of wildlife we drove into town and got homemade ice cream. That cinnamon chocolate that I got was not messing around. I've never ever had ice cream with that much cinnamon in it. Yum!

By the end of the night it seemed like Jeff was getting better, but it seems like Jean might be coming down with the plague now. *sigh* If only everyone was well this trip would go much smoother.

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