Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Vacation Post #6

July 5th: More fruitless fishing; the difference is that we drove really far away to not catch fish. I wasn't really into fishing so I stayed in the truck knitting for the most part. Before driving over a small mountain we did check out one fishing spot closer to "home", but it was a bust. A dam had broke, and that meant the water was too swift and had no deep place for the fish to hang out. The first spot was really pretty though, and I would have liked to walk around a bit more there. Jeff seemed to enjoy fishing at the second spot, and his mom had a blast.

Jean had officially come down with the green/yellow plague. She started trying to get her Dr to phone in a prescription for her, but she didn't have any luck. Why is it when you try to give a doctor all the information that you think they need, and ask if they need anything else, and remind them that you won't have cellular access where you are they still call back and leave you a message asking you to call back so they can ask a quick pointless question?

We did have success with shopping though. Jeff finally found a hat that he liked, and it looked good on him too. We also finally found the yarn store open. Neota Designs has beautiful handpainted yarns, but it's not a huge shop. (I'm rather spoiled from the sprawling choices here in Austin at Hill Country Weavers.) I picked up a Mohair/Wool/Nylon blend in reddish hues that was calling to me. I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do with it yet, but the price was so reasonable that I had no defenses.

I called and checked in with Erin, and she let us know that the cats were all doing fine, and the the ceiling in our pantry had been replaced while we were away. I was glad that we wouldn't have to deal with that when we got back. We also checked out email and found that my dad had sent pictures of Muttly sleeping around during his vacation in Houston.

For dinner we ate the fish that we had caught earlier in the week. Jean cracked me up when she demanded that the whole table turn to watch her take one bite. That's it, just one. She explained that she was sick, and she didn't like fish, but she ate one bite and that should be good enough.
I ate 1/2 of my fish, and I thought it was okay. Jeff first got the grey one, but he said it was kind of gamey. When Jean declared that she didn't want her fish he ate that one instead. It was kind of funny, once I announced that I would not eat the fish if the head was left on everyone wanted their fish heads removed... except for Dan. Dan kept the head on his fish, then he chewed on it's face to get the cheek meat. Ew!

After dinner we played poker again, and I lost all my pennies. Yup, I lost a whole two dollars of pennies in a single sitting. I can't believe that I was so reckless in my bets. It was still fun, even if I was the loserest.

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