Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wo0t! We Has Yardage!

That's right my friends, Gift #2 measures in at 3ft after my lunch break knitting. I'm in the home stretch now, and then I can return to my sock project. I never told you about the pair of socks that I'm knitting right now, did I?

See I was knitting a really complicated sock. I made progress, was past the heel, and working up the leg. The sock was just knitting up too slow to satisfy my urge for FO. I decided that the remedy for a sock that won't become a sock is to knit a really simple stockinette sock. Only, I am a complete glutton for punishment and couldn't just knit a plain old sock that I could finish in a weekend, I had to change it up.

Once I finish Gift #2 I will return to the Tandem Sock. Yes, I am knitting two socks at the same time, using two circular needles with the socks sitting side by side. I really need to remember to snap some pictures before I begin to work on them again. I even upped the ante a little more by working the heel and toe in a different color than the rest of the sock. Oh yeah, I'm getting all fancy this time.

I've already finished the heels and started working up the leg, about an inch I think. I'm not sure if I have enough of my main color to finish the legs, so I may change color again for the cuffs. Who knows, I'm all crazy now, I might just not put a cuff on them.

Well, I better get back to work. Only about an hour and a half before I get outta here.

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