Friday, March 6, 2009

This is a shot of the tree in our front yard. The tree is one of the few things that I will miss when we move. It has officially declared the arrival of spring and is decked out all over with pretty white flowers. As sad as it is to see the flowers go, it ends up covered in bright green leaves and provides a wonderful spot of shade if you want to hang out in the front yard. I really like this tree, I like its shape and the fact that it lets in just enough light that the shade doesn't kill all the grass underneath it. Too bad I can't dig it up and take it with us after our lease is up, but I'm sure our landlord would not go for that. Also, I have no idea what the heck kind of tree it is.

I will not miss the chinaberry tree out back. I'm sure everyone has heard me bitch about that tree at one point or another. I will never ever have a chinaberry tree anywhere I live again. I still can't get over going out back in the summer when all the berries had fallen to the ground and started rotting. The earth was swarming with flies. Yes, raking up the berries takes care of that issue, but frankly it's an ugly tree and a pain in the arse. Heck, even our landlord tried to convince the city to cut the damn thing down when they were trimming it back from the power line that runs across the rear fence. Also, the berries are very poisonous to humans, and as few as 6 can be enough to cause ... duh duh duh - certain death. So don't eat 'em, m'kay?

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The Holmes said...

What I will miss most about your old place is knowing that I kicked your landlord in the nuts at my first Krav Maga class.