Monday, March 9, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

My face is so hot. I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm sure it's pregnancy related. Off and on before, but constantly since last night my face has been hot. It feels like a fever or sunburn, the heat is coming from the inside of my face and nothing seems to help. Here at work I have a small desk fan clipped to a shelf blowing right across my face. It's helping a little bit, but I still feel hot. My body does not seem anywhere near as warm as my face. It's kind of freaky. Last night I was bundled up under covers while cranking up the air conditioner so I could try to get some sleep.

At least I don't have the actual face burn anymore. I ran out of face lotion and since I was using an Aveno cleanser I decided to get the matching lotion. At first it seemed like it just wasn't cutting it as a moisturizer. I would end up using some regular Aveno during the day because my face just seemed to be getting drier over time. After about two weeks I realized that I had a more serious problem. I put on the Positively Radiant lotion one morning and less than a minute later I felt like my face was on fire. I looked in the mirror and could see small red bumps coming up on my skin. I quickly rinsed it all off and put the regular Aveno body lotion on my face, and immediately the burning started to subside and the redness to disappear. It was only then that I realized over the last couple weeks I'd been having a more and more severe reaction to something in the lotion, I'm not sure which component but I suspect the sunscreen. That whole weekend when Jeff's mom had been raving about how pretty my skin was with my pink cheeks she was seeing my face reject that stupid moisturizer.

I'm back to basics and sticking with regular old Aveno daily moisturizing lotion for face and body. I have never had a reaction to this stuff, and it doesn't make my skin too oily. So far so good. It's been almost a month and I haven't had any freaky red bumps or other odd skin reactions. If anyone does want my barely used Positively Radiant lotion you are welcome to it. I'm lazy so it's still sitting on my counter even though I can't use it. If nothing else I'm sure I'll toss it when we move.

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