Tuesday, March 3, 2009

TEO Tuesdays

I love sweets, and so it should be no surprise that I am on Teo's mailing list. I like to make sure that I keep up with any limited time flavors and any specials that I want to take advantage of. Teo's gelato is something that I always enjoy and makes for a nice treat on the way home from work. I used to get a latte there on occasion, but that's been switched to a caramel apple cider since I don't drink much coffee these days, both are delicious options.

If you aren't on Teo's list then you need to be told about the Teo's economic stimulus plan that is currently in effect. They've crafted some sweet deals to encourage those of us that are pinching some pennies that we can still afford to indulge our sweet tooth.

Mon, Tues, and Weds all medium espresso drinks are only $3. (lattes,macchiatos, mocha, etc)
The special Tuesday all day (12-10pm) is a small gelato for only $2.

Whether you are new to Teo's or not this is a great time to go. Especially today since for $5 you can get a warm beverage and a cool treat. When you look at that small gelato cup it may not seem like a lot, but take it from me, it's usually enough. I heartily recommend the salted caramel if it's available when you go.

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