Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Follow Through

After talking about gelato yesterday, and continuing to think about it longer than I should have, I became a woman obsessed. Luckily for me traffic was especially yucky yesterday and it was not difficult to persuade Jeff that we should pull off MoPac and go take a break at Teo's.

The flavor that immediately caught my eye was passionfruit. I'm always on the look out for the new gelato flavors because most of them don't stay long, and I've had a thing for passionfruit ever since Hawaii last year. It's some crazy sweet yet sour tang and every time I find a new way to enjoy it I pounce. The gelato was not a disappointment, and went quite well with my salted caramel.

I had intended to show you a picture of some delicious gelato, but it was too good. By the time I thought of it all that was left was a half murdered bowl that didn't look appetizing at all. Instead I share all that was left of the two bowls we ordered yesterday.

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