Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Little Diversion

I don't anticipate this being something I stick with. I have a very short attention span for games of any sort, and once I feel I've plateaued I tend to move on. Still, if you got some time to kill, you like silly little games, and you have no fear of lawn gnomes, then you should check out Molehill Empire.

You can find my garden there under the name squeekthing and I'm currently investing a lot of time in radishes with a side of cucumbers, and just starting to work into strawberries and tomatoes. My current rank is "tomato dealer" which I believe is the third level.

It's not earth shattering or anything, but I like collecting/fishing/growing games so this appeals to me. Something like this would likely drive some mad, or send them into despair if you forced them to play. For now it's entertaining, and I look forward to seeing if I can get paid to play this at work. I have my doubts, but you can bet that I'll be giving it a shot.

Did I mention that it's free?

1 comment:

E.D. said...

Goddammit! I knew I should never have clicked on that bloody fuckin' link. Now I'm knee deep in tomatoes and strawberries.

At least it's not corn.